What do you get for your money? Well these days most people would say not a lot!


But for £149 the Skill for Life package is still great value.

Included in the the price...





  • A copy of the IAM Roadsmart training manual.
  • Around twelve driving sessions with a trained Observer
  • A years membership of the main I.A.M
  • A years membership of The Sheffield Advanced Motorists
  • Currently you will be offered a years RAC membership which you can delay the start if you are currently covered

But that's not all.... Once you have passed you will be eligible for a quote from the I.A.M's insurance provider which reflects the skills learned in the quotes they give!


There are other benefits too. Most drivers say they are more confident drivers and enjoy being behind the wheel much more.


The I.A.M way of driving promotes "Mechanical Sympathy"... a fancy way of saying your car will appreciate your driving skills too!!