The History of the Group

The group started in the late 1950's.


For a good number of years the members met in a hotel car park. The lucky ones got to sit in a warm caravan while the rest had to stand outside! Back in the day, the Associates went out with Observers week in week out until it was felt that they were ready to take the test.


Major changes were made to the course and also the location.


The group moved to the fixed length, Skill for Life Course in the mid  90's.

At present we allow associates to undertake the course at the time most convenient for them, this means you can start as soon as you wish and fit the course in around your lifestyle.


Observer testing was also introduced, no longer would a recently passed Member be expected to take some one out and give them instruction. Now all members who want to be Observers are given training and must take a practical test before they take an Associate out.


The other major change was the move to the Davy's.  Instead of waiting out in the cold we can all meet in the warm comfortable room upstairs and have a brew while we wait!


Over the years technology changes have meant that we have moved from the simple printed newsletter to a Bi-Monthley letter that members can access online or have posted out. We are also on Facebook too!