2nd February 2022



The major changes  to the Highway Code came into effect on the 29th January 2022. The press reporting continues to border on the hysterical which is only adding to the sense of confusion and feeding the ever more hostile divide between the various groups of road users. 


There is a link to the official government website HERE which outlines the major changes. I would suggest this is the best place to start before delving into the murkier world of the press!


How these changes will work remain to be seen. I continue to believe there will be some initial problems; not helped by the often poor reporting in the press which continues to feed the monster that is social media!  I still believe there needs to be a robust national advertising campaign using all the outlets available so that ALL road users are aware of what's happening.


Oh, and apparently the new hard copy of the Highway Code is not available till April! Not the best of planning but hey ho!


Finally its great news to welcome Reem Ahmed and Jack Crane to our committee. Your support and input will be a great benefit to the group. Our committee continues to gain strength and experience and we look forward to taking the group forward into 2022 and beyond.



 Regards and safe driving