6th January 2022

Firstly, a happy New Year to all our Observers, Associates past and present and everyone else reading this I guess. 


The main news this month are the major changes coming to the Highway Code on the 29th January 2022. The main objective is to give greater protection to more vulnerable road users; ie cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. I have took the liberty of posting this link HERE which will take you to the Autoexpress website and their relevant page explaining the main changes to be aware of. Please note any opinions expressed on their site may not necessarily be the opinion of Sheffield Advanced Motorists. IAM Roadsmart's Neil Greig is quoted in the article


Other sources are available; just Google "Highway Code Changes" to find out more (interestingly there is NO reference on the official website which is why I have used a link to a well known motoring journal).


How these changes will work remain to be seen. I suspect there will be some initial problems; not helped by the fact that, apart from reports in the press, there is very little other publicity about the changes. In my opinion there needs to be a robust national advertising campaign using all the outlets available so that ALL road users are aware of what's happening.


Finally, IAM RoadSmart are currently running an offer throughout this January giving 10% off the cost of any Advanced courses. Follow this link HERE for further details.


Please note the offer expires 11:59pm Monday 31st January


Regards and safe driving