3rd July 2020




Good news folks. The Group has received details of the the proposed timetable to resume Advanced Driver Coaching from Monday, July 20th in line with the DVSA announcement that driving lessons can re commence from July 4th.


The proposed timetable looks something like this:


Monday 6 July – peer observed sessions and assessments can begin to ensure observing skills are up to date. These sessions must be conducted in accordance with the guidelines unless all participants are part of the same household or ‘social bubble’. Observers must continue to operate to IMI standards. 
Monday 20 July – Observed sessions with Associates may start.
Monday 3 August – IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver testing starts.


This is the basic timetable that provides us with a baseline to work from. There is still a lot of work to do at a local level to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable resuming their supported runs.


We recognize some Associates, Observers and Examiners will be hesitant about returning to in-car course delivery and testing. All activity must only resume when they feel it is safe to do so, according to individual circumstances. If any party has concerns, an observed drive or test must not be carried out.


At this time we are still waiting for the Guide Documentation from IAM Roadsmart which will help us start formulating a plan to support our local Observers and Associates to safely resume coaching again.


We will be contacting all local Observers and Associates shortly. Please be patient; we want to get this right. Also please continue to check the main IAM Roadsmart website and your emails for further updates. 



Regards and safe (and a bit more optimistic) driving