Not sure whether it's for you?


Why not pop down to Davy's Sporting Club and have a free assessment drive with an Observer?


On the last Sunday of every month (Except December) we run a Driver Assessment Morning from 09:30 to 11:30 where anyone can come down. Please also be aware that Assessment days that fall on a bank holiday weekend will be brought forward by 1 week.


You can have a chat with Observers or members who are on the current course and of course have a cuppa!


The assessment drive is done in your own car and lasts around thirty minutes.  You're car must be road legal i.e. taxed, insured and where relevant, have an up to date MOT Certificate. You must hold a current, valid driving license that entitles you to drive in the UK.


It's not a test;  just a run out around the Sheffield area. After, you'll be offered an informal debrief where the Observer will point out any areas of your driving that could be improved. Its also your chance to ask questions about the Advanced Drivers course and what is entailed.


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