Not sure whether it's for you?


Why not come along to one of our driver assessment days and have a free assessment drive with one of our Observers?


You will be able to have a chat with one of our team of Observers and find out more about the Skills for Life course.


You will also be offered a chance to have an assessment drive with one of our observers. This is done in your own car and usually lasts around thirty minutes.  It's not a test;  just a informal drive on a mixture of roads usually around the Sheffield area. After, you'll be offered an informal debrief where the Observer will point out any areas of your driving that could be improved. It is also your chance to ask any questions about the Advanced Drivers course or anything else you want to know. 


There's absolutely no pressure to enrol; if you feel its not for you that's fine. But please have a think about it first; you may find its actually more enjoyable than you thought it would be!


Your car must be road legal and you must have a full driving licence which you will need to bring with you. We may also ask you to complete a quick site test so please ensure you have you correct eye wear that you use for driving (don't worry, its a similar procedure to when you did your driving test).


We look forward to seeing you. Oh, and there will also be tea or coffee available.