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You can also take a look at the handout documents below for further tips and advice


The Thinking Driver
The thinking driver – A pause for thought. An article by Peter Rodger.
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Pre-Drive Checks
This handout describes how to conduct a pre-drive check, how to go through a systematic cockpit drill and then the start up procedure to be used prior to driving off.
pre-drive checks.pdf
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Car Technology
In-car technology which was once only fitted to luxury or high-end vehicles is now becoming more commonplace. This hand-out offers advice for using this technology to complement your driving.
Car Technology.pdf
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Mobile communication and GPS is becoming more commonplace in cars, this hand-out offers advice for using this technology to complement your driving.
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Emergency Vehicles
Emergency vehicle responding to calls and using warning equipment would like to pass you but will not expect you to put yourself or others in danger to facilitate this. This handout applies a common-sense approach to assisting where possible.
emergency vehicles.pdf
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Vulnerable Road Users
This hand-out offers advice for sharing the road with vulnerable road users. The roads are there for everyone to use and as advanced drivers and riders we have a duty to make sure we share them safely
vulnerable road users.pdf
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Driving At Night
Night driving presents unique challenges drivers, the limit of vision is dictated by the
performance of your headlamps, your windscreen and your eyesight. This handout
covers legislation and some practicalities regarding driving at night.
driving at night.pdf
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Inclement Weather
This hand-out offers advice for driving during inclement weather. With each season
comes a range of conditions all of which need to be managed safely.
inclement weather.pdf
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The Test - What to Expect
The test is the culmination of your training, it is your opportunity to show how good you are and justify your observer’s faith in you. A little bit of nerves can be a good thing. Stay focused and try to enjoy it. The perfect driver has not yet been discovered but how close are you?
the test - what to expect.pdf
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Top Ten Tips To Passing The IAM Roadsmart Advanced Test
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