A rainy day!!!

Well folks I can safely say its not stopped raining cats and dogs for the whole day. Actually, I tell a lie its just stopped now. I know this because Ive just been turfed out to take our canine brethren for a quick lap of the estate! Suffice to say its pretty wet out there; everything is saturated including the road surface.


Perhaps this is a good time to think about those 4 rubber things that keep our cars on the road. Yes, thats right, your tyres. Trust me if you're out driving in these conditions and any one of those tyres are not up to scratch then you will be very quickly entering a whole world of pain! Remember the legal limit for tyre tread is a depth of 1.6mm over at least 75% of the width of the tyre. The usual safe recommendation is 2mm. Invest in a tyre depth gauge; they're cheap and simple from Halfords or any other motor factor store. Also look for any dodgy bulges in the sidewall as well as any evidence of other damage. If in doubt consult an expert!


Whilst your at it make sure a few other things are working too. Like your wiper blades! Are they up to scratch or smearing across the windscreen like a scabby dishcloth? And do your lights work properly? ALL the bulbs? Yesterday we went to visit family over in Cheshire which meant a trip across the Pennines. The fog was of the pea soup "thank the Lord for cats eyes" variety and the rain hard and heavy. Not a time to find out your wiper blades are shot or your headlights bulbs are all blown!


There doesn't look like there'll be any let up in the wet weather soon; you have been warned!


Speak next week; bye for now.


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